Melody – Teen Exhibitionist

Melody – Teen Exhibitionist

I love to strip down for guys… showing off what god graced me with. I love to fuck in the park or leave my window open while masterbation on the phone with you. First time i realized how horny I got was when i caught my neighbor watching me in the shower one day thru the open window. I caught a glimpse out of the corner of my eye and boy did i get excited and give him a show!  

Do you want to hear about my hot times in public places? I have done it in the library, gym, public pool, park and even in church – the fear of getting caught makes me sooo horny. I love it even more when i KNOW people are watching me! I give my neighbor shows from my back porch now and love using the hose to make myslef cum! Give me a call for a hot phone sex session my neighbor will enjoy.



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